On interactions of algebra, topology, categories, and logic.

I study distributive lattices, Priestley duality, profinite semigroups, model theory, and more recently also automata and programming languages.

If you want to get a first impression, below is a selection of slides I made for presentations about my research. You can also take a look at my full list of publications below.




  1. Textbook, preprint, 2022
  2. Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures (FoSSaCS) 2022


  1. Sam van GoolAdrien GuattoGeorge Metcalfe, and Simon Santschi.
    Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS) 2021
  2. Forum Mathematicum 2021


  1. Advances in Mathematics 2019
  2. Israel Journal of Mathematics 2019
  3. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 2019
  4. Research note, 2019


  1. Mattias Baaz, Mai Gehrke, and Sam van Gool.
    Research note, 2018
  2. Topology and its Applications 2018
  3. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 2018


  1. Journal of Symbolic Logic 2017
  2. Sam van GoolGeorge Metcalfe, and Constantine Tsinakis.
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 2017
  3. Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS) 2017


  1. Logic in Computer Science (LICS) 2016


  1. Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation (TbiLLC) 2015


  1. Sam van Gool
    Advances in Modal Logic 2014
  2. Journal of Algebra 2014
  3. On sheaves and duality.
    Sam van Gool
    PhD thesis, Radboud University Nijmegen 2014


  1. Order 2013
  2. Andrej Bauer, Karin Cvetko-Vah, Mai GehrkeSam van Gool, and Ganna Kudryavtseva.
    Topology and its Applications 2013
  3. Dion Coumans and Sam van Gool.
    Journal of Logic and Computation 2013


  1. Sam van Gool
    Topology and its Applications 2012


  1. Logic, Language and Meaning 2010


Science is hard to do alone.

Adrien Guatto (Paris), Hugo Férée (Paris), Thomas Colcombet (Paris), Wesley Fussner (Nice), Mikolaj Bojanczyk (Warsaw), Denis Kuperberg (Lyon), Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht, postdoc advisor), Yde Venema (Amsterdam), Benjamin Steinberg (New York, postdoc advisor), Luca Reggio (Oxford), Silvio Ghilardi (Milan, postdoc advisor), Costas Tsinakis (Nashville), George Metcalfe (Bern, postdoc advisor), Daniela Petrisan (Paris), Paul-André Melliès (Paris, postdoc advisor), Michael Pinsker (Vienna), Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana), Karin Cvetko Vah (Ljubljana), Ganna Kudryavtseva (Ljubljana), Vincenzo Marra (Milan), Dick de Jongh (Amsterdam), Nick Bezhanishvili (Amsterdam), Dion Coumans (Nijmegen), Mai Gehrke (Nice, PhD advisor), Alessandra Palmigiano (Amsterdam, MSc advisor)

Current and Former Students

People I worked with when they were students (I learned a lot from all of them):

  • Anatole Leterrier (Master’s, IRIF, ongoing), on completeness theorems for temporal logics on trees.
  • Jérémie Marques (PhD, U. Nice, ongoing), on hyperdoctrines and Stone-Priestley duality.
  • Vincent Moreau (Master’s, IRIF, 2021; PhD, IRIF, ongoing), I am co-advising Vincent with Paul-André Melliès on canonical extensions, profinite monoids, and higher order automata.
  • Rémi Morvan (Master’s, IRIF, 2021), I co-advised Rémi with Thomas Colcombet on a project on separation for infinite words; Rémi is now a PhD student at LaBRI, Bordeaux.
  • Axel Osmond (PhD, IRIF, 2021), I worked together with Axel and Mai Gehrke on a project on sheaves and duality.
  • Mehdi Zaïdi (PhD, U. Nice, ongoing), I worked together with Mehdi and Mai Gehrke on formal languages and duality.
  • Thomas Randriamahazaka (Master’s, LMFI, ENS PSL, 2020), I supervised Thomas’ Master’s project on distributive Birkhoff systems, a kind of lattices without absorption; Thomas is now a PhD student at St. Andrews.
  • Corto Mascle (Master’s, MPRI, ENS Paris-Saclay, 2020), I co-advised Corto with Thomas Colcombet on relating pointlike sets and logic; Corto is now a PhD student at LaBRI, Bordeaux.
  • Clément Chivet (Bachelor’s, ENS PSL, 2020), on the finite model property for intuitionistic logics.
  • Chase Ford (Master’s, M. Logic, ILLC, U. Amsterdam, 2019), I co-advised Chase with Yde Venema on automata for logics on trees; Chase is now a PhD student at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.
  • Luca Reggio (PhD, IRIF, 2018), during his PhD I worked with Luca on a topological proof of uniform interpolation for intuitionistic logic; Luca was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford University and is now a senior research fellow at University College London.