Sam van Gool

I work at IRIF and the UFR informatique at Université Paris Cité where I am a tenured professor (maître de conférences in French).

E-mail: Office: 4011, Sophie Germain building, 8 place Aurélie Némours, 75013 Paris, France



      In 2023-2024, I am on a sabbatical (Congé pour Recherches ou Conversion Thématiques in French).

      Supervision of individual projects. I am always happy to discuss individual projects with prospective students; you can send me an e-mail.

      Teaching archive...





      • Clotilde Bizière, Master, IRIF, ongoing, co-advised with Marie Fortin.
      • Vincent Moreau, PhD, IRIF, ongoing, co-advised with Paul-André Melliès.
      • Mehdi Zaïdi, PhD, U. Nice, 2022, co-advised with Mai Gehrke.
      • Luca Reggio, PhD, IRIF, 2018, co-advised with Mai Gehrke and Daniela Petrisan.
      • Anatole Leterrier, Master MPRI, 2022.
      • Rémi Morvan, MPRI, 2021, co-advised with Thomas Colcombet.
      • Thomas Randriamahazaka, Master LMFI, 2020.
      • Corto Mascle, MPRI, 2020, co-advised with Thomas Colcombet.
      • Chase Ford, MSc Logic Amsterdam, 2019, co-advised with Yde Venema.

      Other Collaborations

      Jérémie Marquès (Nice), Johannes Marti (Zürich), Adrien Guatto (Paris), Hugo Férée (Paris), Thomas Colcombet (Paris), Wesley Fussner (Nice), Axel Osmond (Paris), Denis Kuperberg (Lyon), Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht), Yde Venema (Amsterdam), Benjamin Steinberg (New York), Luca Reggio (Oxford), Silvio Ghilardi (Milan), Costas Tsinakis (Nashville), George Metcalfe (Bern), Daniela Petrisan (Paris), Paul-André Melliès (Paris), Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana), Karin Cvetko Vah (Ljubljana), Ganna Kudryavtseva (Ljubljana), Vincenzo Marra (Milan), Dick de Jongh (Amsterdam), Nick Bezhanishvili (Amsterdam), Dion Coumans (Nijmegen), Mai Gehrke (Nice, PhD advisor), Alessandra Palmigiano (Amsterdam, MSc thesis advisor).


      Member of the equalities committee of IRIF.

      Responsible for international relations (student and staff exchanges) at the UFR informatique.

      Program committees: CSL 2024, RAMiCS 2023, AiML 2022, RAMiCS 2021.

      Reviewer for open-access journals and conferences, PhD theses, and grant proposals.