Sam van Gool


IRIF, Université Paris-Cité

Sophie Germain building, office 4011

8 place Aurélie Némours

75013 Paris, France

Welcome to my website! I teach and do research in mathematics and the foundations of computer science.

Research. I am broadly interested in interactions of algebra, topology, categories, and logic. More…

Teaching. In my role as maître de conférences at the UFR informatique, I teach math and CS courses to students at various levels. More…

Writing. Together with Mai Gehrke, I am writing a textbook on topological duality theory for distributive lattice based algebraic structures. I have published several articles about my research. More…

Get in touch. Feel free to send me an e-mail if anything you find here piques your interest. I am always happy to talk about these things, create new collaborations, and I often advise graduate research projects (“stage de M2” in France).


Jun 23, 2022 A new website, updating my prof. dr. style.

Selected Publications

  1. Textbook, preprint, 2022
  2. Priestley duality for MV algebras and beyond.
    Forum Mathematicum 2021
  3. Pointlike sets for varieties determined by groups.
    Advances in Mathematics 2019
  4. Monadic second order logic as the model companion of temporal logic.
    Logic in Computer Science (LICS) 2016
  5. Duality and canonical extensions for stably compact spaces.
    Sam van Gool
    Topology and its Applications 2012
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